Four Christmases and the American Family

Bravo! a good come back for Vaughn from last year’s Fred Claus! Not bad for the movie also as it came in no 1 at the box office on opening weekend. There are usually many factors which make a movie a hit or a blockbuster and in this case, its because the movie has touched the heartstrings of many American family’s dilemma during the holidays- dealing with parents, family, in-laws and holiday gatherings. Timing is also a factor for opening day, because this year Americans could definitely use an escape from the realities of our country’s problems, Four Christmases was able to fill that void as well.
Vaughn is, as always, funny and high strung which adds a certain pizazz to his character, even tho all the roles he plays seem to be the same character, he can still deliver and capture his audience. Whiterspoon is an added bonus in this film and is able to hold her own. If you haven’t seen the movie, please make a point to do so.

2 replies to “Four Christmases and the American Family

  1. Four ChristmasesYeah another movie with Vince Vaughn being Vince Vaughn, will we ever see him doing something more compelling, this is the story of these two self absorbed people trying to avoid spending christmas with their wacky parents (meet the fuckers Part Deuce) you will get some laughs here and there but please save your money and just enjoy the trailer, forget about it! Poor Reese, Oscar winner to this… I hope that pay check was really good.

  2. I just saw this movie and I agree. It has a few laughs here and there and it’s cute in some ways. But save your money. I recommend waiting until it’s on tv.

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