The Curious Case of WHAT?

Opens December 25th and hopefully will be on DVD by December 31st. The concept seems interesting, yet the movie pretty frightening and long. From what I read so far, the movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes of going through a man’s life aging backwards. Could be a good fable but not sure it is interesting enough to last the 2hours plus. I have mixed feelings about Pitt’s acting skills, sometimes he is good and sometimes not. In the case of Buttons his “old man” voice is pretty sad and difficult to listen to since we all know who Pitt is “Mr. Smith”. Blanchett I am sure will deliver her role better than Pitt and definitly makes a fine match to Pitt, when they finally meet at the same age at the same time. I am however disturbed by their roles while one is a child and the other an adult and vice versa. Now the only way this movie will be no 1,2 or 3 at the box office is that most people will have nothing to do on Christmas Day and will theater hop just to get their dollars worth. Creative but not Oscar worthy. NEXT please

2 replies to “The Curious Case of WHAT?

  1. The Curious case of Benjamin ButtonThis is a very good adaption of Scott Fitzgerald’s novel about a man that lived his live backwards, with a beautiful cinematography, the story evolved from the birth of benjamin to his joys and sadness through out his whole life, towards the end we will see something that many in the audience perhaps will find not just strange but borderline taboo. it’s a must see for these year’s films but a word a caution, it will feel longer than the actual time because it moves slow at times, well acted and directed, expect some Oscar’s nominations for Mr. Pitt and co-star Blanchet.

  2. Unlike Mania, I have a healthy respect for Pitt. He was more than impressive in the role of Jesse James in last year’s “The Assisination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford” though it is true that he could have been better, which is why the Oscars looked him over. I think he’ll do a great job with this role, as it is a period piece and because the pace of the movies where Pitt really shines are often slower (think Legends of the Fall, the aforementioned Jesse James, Meet Joe Black, A River Runs Through It, Devil’s Own). Furthermore, matchig him with Cate Blanchet is something I’m excited to see again after their fantastic dou performance in Babel a couple years back. Anyhow. Time will tell.

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