The Ugly Truth is the new What Women Want

Opens April 2009 – I think this is the most natural I have seen Butler play his role – maybe because it is truest to his character. Heigl is Heigl and looks gorgeous as always on screen but comes across too angry and uptight, I suppose that’s her typecast. Good match up on screen but I don’t see the chemistry. Interesting storyline but the only problem I see is that the movie reminds me of What Women Want with Mel Gibson – just when a guy assumes he knows what a woman wants, she throws him a curve ball and then they fall in love and live happily ever after. Nevertheless I think the movie will do well.

One reply to “The Ugly Truth is the new What Women Want

  1. The Ugly TruthYeap, I agreed, it’s a combination of What Women Want and 27 dress and what not, if you have see the trailer you saw too much already, Heigl is not the right actress for this role, she always looks angry, maybe someone else with better chemistry with Buttler would done much better for this movie, besides I don’t agree with you Ms. Manya, that she’s gorgeous, she’s just an average looking girl to me and I’m not too convince of acting skills either.

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