Revolutionary Road

Opens Dec 26 -(Limited Engagement) Timing is everything and this movie should have been here long ago. Not sure why they decided to go with a limited engagement in the US first since this is something most Americans struggle with on a daily basis. It’s a sad and depressing story set in the 50’s when couples or even individuals were beginning to question their upbringing and social standards and finding creative ways of molding their futures. I predict this movie will be of interest to the older crowd, the ones who were the Frank’s (DiCaprio) and April’s (Winslet) of America. I am certain both Winslet and DiCaprio will deliver Oscar worthy performances, as they are both talented and charismatic actors and seem to mesh well together. However, I have mixed feelings about the movie.

One reply to “Revolutionary Road

  1. Revolutionary Road.This is an old story that many Americans and even people from other countries that come to live to America buy into it, to live the American dream, and for Frank and April wheeler this is in the form of careers and owning a piece of the dream in some suburbs where you can pretend to happy even thought their life as it’s best is mediocre and unfulfilled so when they realize that isn’t enough and they make changes in their lives to find out that is not about all those things or changes that one can buy but it’s about the Love for one to another; with very good acting roles from DeCaprio and Winslet, Revolutionary Road will help many to find it within themselves what life is really about.

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