Bedtime Stories – Can You Say Jumangi!

Another movie opens Christmas Day along with Marley and Me, Curious Case of Benjamin “Who” and Valkyrie to name a few. Wow! I think Sandler is losing his touch… Nothing too creative here, to me the movie is a remake of Jumangi in a different ball park. The line up is tough for Christmas day, and unless the true Sandler diehards all show up to support him, this one is going to fall behind Marley and Benjamin for sure. Look at the bright side it may just rank higher than Tom Cruises’ Valkyrie. Sandler, call me I have a movie idea for you.

2 replies to “Bedtime Stories – Can You Say Jumangi!

  1. Ok, if we’re going to make predictions, I must say this one is going to beat those other opennings, fist this might be a remake almost, not quite but this one is for the whole family, and Adam is very popular among the younger crowd, besides those other movies are not being promoted the right way, so this one will be the winner, the Sandman will rule! These type of movies are always a hit because kids dream about life like in these films and there’s nothing more exciting for kids than christmas time and the christmas dreams with a lots toys and adventures and this one has a lot of them.

  2. What do you mean they are not being promoted the right way. Marley and Me is all over the billboards and magazines. I hear you about Sandler and I think kids and parents alike will debate between Marley and Me and this one. But It will not top Marley and Me, Aniston has a bigger fan base.

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