Duplicity – Clive and Julia Reunited

Opens 3-20-09 Tony Gilroy’s movie re-teaming Closer stars Julia Roberts and Clive Owen as two lovelorn ex-spies who join forces to swipe a valuable product from the big-business corporate landscape. Wow, from what I read and seen so far, this is going to be a worth while movie. Owens, a talented actor, who has always been cast in dark roles (which he prefers by the way), is dabbling in a bit of comedy this time around. I am happy to see this fresh side of Owens, its suits him well. Roberts has done funny and is plain Jane sexy natural and from what I saw in “The Mexican” with Pitt, I think this is a good fit for her as well. So, since these two have made a movie together before (Closer) more on the serious side, its nice to see they have added a bit of humor and chemistry to their storyline in Duplicity. My prediciton is that this movie will not go unnoticed at the box office. Good come back Owens from The International.

2 replies to “Duplicity – Clive and Julia Reunited

  1. Duplicity Yeah, this one can be a real kick on the pants, for those of you that saw and enjoyed Ocean’s Eleven and Swordfish, this is your movie, Clive and Julia seems to be have real chemistry and the locals are great, but the plot to swipe Money from these huge corporations is what really will make people stay, don’t we all dream to get our hands on some of that money from some Oil company or some international bank? Anyway this one will make people cheer!

  2. I saw this movie over the weekend. It is the BEST movie I’ve seen in months by far. It is a pretty long movie but trust me you won’t feel the time pass by. It draws you in and never lets out. You think you have it figured out but more than likely your assumptions will be wrong at the end. A must see. I almost never see a movie twice but I will see this one again. Oh and of course they left it open for a sequel… If that happens, please don’t ruin it… the plot is excellent and the writing is infusing. It will be hard to top that.

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