Valkyrie for Tom Cruise

Hard to comment on this one. Opens Christmas Day. I guess there should be something for the historians or history buffs at hand. Seems as though the movie is well put together but can it keep the audience’s interest? Cruise, along with a talented cast, has done an outstanding job delivering but not sure the release date will help gain the movie the directorial appreciation and recognition it so deserves. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed.

5 replies to “Valkyrie for Tom Cruise

  1. this will be one of sleepers of the year,is pretty well writing and Tom will get a nod for it and everything will be roses for everybody who’s involved on this project, this one will bring Tom back from wherever he has been the last two years, another schindler’s list type of film, the cinematography is excellent as well.

  2. I agree with you there. Cruise will get a nod or two and the cast as well. Since the Oscars really has no true candidates for supporting roles, they may pick someone from the Valkyrie bunch. Politically correct we must be.

  3. wasn’t this movie in the making for years now? I even think they were giving up on it at one point im surprised it made it to the big screen (but it won’t last there very long)…anyways, I don’t think anyone can resurrect Katie’s husband from the has-been list and certainly this movie is not going to do that for him.

  4. I agree with Maximus. Wasn’t the previews for the making of this film like 1 or 2 years ago? I think people will remember his role in Tropic Thunder more than this movie. To top it off, I have no idea what this movie is…lol.

  5. I saw the movie today. I knew the historical outcome of the plot in Valkyrie so the beginning was kinda putting me to sleep. At the end they stated there were a total of 15 confirmed assassination attempts on Hitler; perhaps they should have started the movie with a scene of the previous failed attempt to keep the blood flowing in my veins so I would be looking for more through the first 30 minutes of the movie. I must admit, just like all other suspense movies, the last 45 minutes of Valkyrie kept me on edge, even; as I have mentioned earlier, having knowledge of the outcome, which means to me they did a pretty good job with that segment. Cruise’s performance to me was average (was not expecting much from him anyways) at times it reminded me of his acting in the Mission Impossible movies he has done even a little bit of Jerry Maguire. Over all an OK experience but lacked a lot of performing punch.

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