12-12-08. I am speechless and completely in awe over the performance of Benicio Del Tor0 as Ernesto Che Guevara. To play the role of someone you have never met in your life and nail it is a true talent and Del Toro proves to us that he is true talent. Steven Soderbergh, who is the director, has always tackled controversial topics head on and delivered movie extraordinaire time and time again. Here’s one more to add to his list of accomplishments. I am glad also that the movie is opening before the Christmas Day timeline so that it has the chance to shine and create the buzz necessary to do better than well at the box office. Take a break from your Christmas shopping and go see the movie. It’s well worth it.

One reply to “Che

  1. People… skip from going to see this “fraudumentary”. You’ll be better served by educating yourselves through historical facts. This is just another Hollywood glorified pictorial of a subversive idealist who in the end failed. The only reason we hear about this ruthless mercenary is because of mediums like Hollywood keeping him alive.

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