Pink Panther 2

Opens February 6th – Silly, funny, slapstick comedy. I think this movie can only be considered a hit to the true original Pink Panther fans from the 60’s and nothing more. Fully loaded cast willing to go along with the script is most admirable. The only bonus for me is that it is filmed in France and Italy, but of course! Although I truly respect Steve Martin’s work and feel he was probably the only person capable of venturing on the project of filling Seller’s shoes, I think his French accent and the acting is too rehearsed, didn’t come across natural. Ahh Peter Sellers we truly miss you. I think we can all save a bill or two by waiting for a quick DVD release on this one.

One reply to “Pink Panther 2

  1. If you have nothing else to do on a sunday afternoon, go see this movie. I’m not even going to get into the sequel talk here. I agree, Martin IS the only actor that can pull this off and even then I dont think he actualy did. Yeah the accent is all wrong so I paid too much attention to that, but also his demeanor lacks the coolness of the Pink Panther. Like I said, you want to clear your mind for a couple of hours? go see this movie.

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