The Wrestler

When I heard the buzz about this one and that Mickey Rourke was going to play the main character, I couldn’t be more happier. He is definitely the right person for it, not to mention the fact an amazing actor to booth. I love the fact he had a major hand in re-writing his lines since he had some insight in the wrestling world. It is sad that his talent went to waste for a while there due to ‘who knows what politics in Hollywood’ but I am glad he is back. I loved his role in Sin City, I think he was the most convincing and memorable in that movie. The problem with this one is, although there is Oscar buzz and rightfully so, it reminds me too much of Rocky. Perhaps I am wrong and the movie will do well due to the wrestling fan base around the globe, but I think waiting for DVD release won’t be a bad thing on this one. Perhaps this will be a good gift by Father’s Day.

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