What Just Happened – DVD must

This movie opened with limited engagement in the US in October 2008. Directed by Barry Levinson, the movie is based on an almost washed up producer’s troubles in making a movie. It has a wonderful cast from Robert DeNiro (a natural in this role) to Sean Penn to Stanley Tucci, Bruce Willis and more. A must DVD rental for those interested in the movie making business and its ups and downs. If you like watching Entourage, you will love this movie.

2 replies to “What Just Happened – DVD must

  1. This movie is short and to the point. There are no twists or surprises and it seemed to be a very simple and basic movie to make, but I’m no expert. The core message, though, very strong. It gives insight to the world of movies through the eyes of the “lonely” producer. It gave me a new sense of admiration to this obscure line of work whose only visible credit seems to be their name on the credits at the end of the film.An entertaining movie to watch!

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