In Bruges – DVD Must

Although I had heard of this movie last year, I had always debated whether to watch it or not. However, after the Golden Globes this year, where Colin Farrell won the best actor in a musical or a comedy for In Bruges, I decided to finally watch the movie. I must say I was impressed with the results. The movie is set in Bruges, Belgium and is about two hit men given orders to play tourists while they receive their next assignment. A bit predictable as I realized twenty minutes into the movie what the next assignment was, but watching Farrell’s performance is worth it (A well deserved GG award). I haven’t seen anything good from him since the “Phone Booth” and of course a bit of European straight forward humor never hurt this Yank’s ear. A very entertaining movie and a must see.

One reply to “In Bruges – DVD Must

  1. Ok, loved the movie, I really did. But guessing from the ending, the message I got was that I, the viewer, and not the director, had to choose between life and death for Farrell’s character. I’m not quite sure if it was premeditated or he meant to leave it open to us and or for “purgatory” to decide. In any event, my choice would be for him to live, that’s that, I’ve given to much info and not going to spoil it for everyone. Watch this movie, sincere acting at its best, (is that what we call an oxymoron?)…I now it made me feel the characters’ emotions as they were living them on the screen. Best I’ve seen of Farrell, and Fiennes always absorbs the big screen. Great Movie!

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