"The International" – Shoot Em Up Part II

Opens February 13, 2009 – Love the man, but not sure about this one. The movie is filmed in the most beautiful locations around the world and features a vast array of modern architecture and furnishing. Owens is wonderful in his role as usual as a distraught Interpol agent trying to stop an International Bank from dealing with various arms dealers around the world. The chase of course was the focal point and seemed to keep up the pace of the movie, but Naomi Watts was flat as usual and it seemed like the movie was a one man show like Shoot Em Up. To make matters worse, the shoot out in the Guggenheim museum was far too long, we got the point in the first 2 minutes. But I figured since you had to make a replica of the museum to shoot the scene you had to spend some time on it to get your money’s worth. Directed by Tom Tykwer, released by Colombia Pictures. This movie will move to DVD shortly

One reply to “"The International" – Shoot Em Up Part II

  1. The InternationalWe are going to have to agree again, Clive is close to become one trick pony if he continue to take roles from movies that he has been and are too similar, we saw him doing this also in the Children of Men and like you mentioned Shoot Em Up, but if you are into this type of movies be my guest, go and spend your dollars and time.

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