Flashbacks Of A Fool – DVD Must

This is a story about a troubled Hollywood actor, who is probably blacklisted in the industry due to his “ways” and although most of the descriptions about the movie is about (a fading Hollywood star flashbacks to his childhood days as he returns home for his best friend’s funeral) , it isn’t quiet that way. It’s an interesting story which unfolds a bit slow in the beginning and a really strong middle with a puzzling ending. I loved the flashbacks into the childhood days which explain the trauma leading to his adult (mis)behaviors. Daniel Craig although listed as the star in the movie, should have been the co-star. The real star is Harry Eden, portraying the young Joe Scott, who did a wonderful job. Baillee Walsh wrote and directed the movie which takes you from tinseltown to a coastal town in England, (I believe) and then back to Hollywood. I loved the movie but would have preferred a stronger ending. I was on the edge of my seat until the last scene, which did not answer the final question. What happens to Joe Scott now? It is a must see for anyone interested in the lifestyles of the celebrity before and after their fame.

One reply to “Flashbacks Of A Fool – DVD Must

  1. This could have been made into two different movies/stories; but the director tied them together (Joe Scott’s childhood life and his present one) so well it made sense in the end. Kudos to the director! It does start kind of slow, but it got me to think about my life and how it would be so important to have the opportunity to get in touch with your past so to make peace with it in the event that one did not leave it in good terms, like Joe did. There are a couple of very powerful scenes that will get your attention. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the ending. To me it lacked the closure I needed from having gotten to know Joe and his life; a life I had suddenly understood from seeing his childhood trials and tribulations. By the end of the movie, I felt that I had become part of his family and wanted to see what path in life he would now consider.I say go see it. It will make you pick up the phone and call a long lost friend or family member you have been putting off for too long.

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