The Women – Chick Flick DVD Must

Here is an interesting movie for all the chick flick lovers. About four women – cliche (The First Wives Club 1996, Sex In the City) bonding, plotting, planning, leaving husbands and cheating hearts and so on. The thing I loved about this movie is how great Meg Ryan looked. The reason this movie didn’t really make it in theatres is because it sent out the wrong message while marketing (about cheating husbands and a wife and company trying to get even). Stop right here: Actually the difference between this movie and the others is that she did not get even, instead, she moved on and found herself and through all that soul searching, she realized that it was more important to give her husband another chance than to lose probably the best thing that ever happened to her in her lifetime. There is a strong message about forgiveness and moving on. Also about how women tend to lose themselves when they get married, which is the very thing that attracted their husbands to them in the first place. Balance is important, is what I learned from this movie. Also, there were no actual male actors in the entire movie, interesting but lacked affective visual effect to tie the loose ends. Anyway, I still recommend it, great fashion, beautiful landscape, as always a tap into the lifestyles of the rich and famous and did I mention Meg Ryan looked amazing.

One reply to “The Women – Chick Flick DVD Must

  1. I thought it was a great movie. However, I have to disagree with the way Meg Ryan looked. I feel she did a horrible job in "correcting" her face. She was beautiful before, now she looks like a mouse. Now when I watch her movies, I can't help but look at her nose. I hate to say that cause I like her, but she was beautiful before all the changes.

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