Pride and Glory – DVD – Not Recommended

I watched this movie because I have the utmost respect for Edward Norton, Collin Farrel and Jon Voigt’s acting. However, I hated the movie, not because I am a woman but because it was disturbing to know that almost every cop story in film shows us the corruption in the force and what ONE man must do to put an end to it. I mean really, how safe do I feel watching movie after movie telling me we cannot trust our police force in anywhere USA. All the actors I mentioned above were pretty good but lacked true family chemistry, it felt as if they had memorized the script and just read their lines. The movie did not flow well either, left too many gaps and unanswered questions. I think you can pass this movie until its free on television and only if there is nothing else to watch. I think Gavin O’Connor (director and writer) needs to go back and review play by play where he went wrong with this movie and perhaps chern out a better one next time.

One reply to “Pride and Glory – DVD – Not Recommended

  1. I agree. We rented this movie and I wish I saved my $3.50 for something else and waiting for this movie to come on TV. It has been done time and time again and I was waiting for something different and exciting.

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