Two Lovers – Coming Soon To Theatres

A man torn between two women is a common predicament, which sometimes can lead to wrong choices and dangerous outcomes. This movie is written and directed by James Gray(We Own The Night 2007) and cast with Gwyneth Palthrow, Jaoquin Phoenix and Vanessa Shaw as the three individuals involved in the ups and downs of relationship and lovers. Although I understand the need for such films, I just don’t think this one delivered the message well enough. Nevertheless, Phoenix is a great choice for the part of Leonard, the confused , tormented son of a Jewish family torn between lust and a family arranged marriage. Palthrow, who portrays the volatile neighbor torn between her desire for a married man and Leonard is also a fitting choice. Her performance in this movie is drawn from her character Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums. Anyway you can most certainly wait for the DVD release on this one unless you are a diehard Phoenix fan and feel this is the last you will see of him onscreen.

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