Roman Holiday – Comcast On Demand

As I was flipping through the free movie listing Comcast ON DEMAND, I was so happy to see Roman Holidays (1953) listed this month. I have seen the movie a dozen times and will see it a dozen times more. The movie is about a princess (played by Audrey Hepburn who won an Oscar for best actress) who is so tired of her tedious life, decides one night to escape just for the day to see and do things without rules and order. She comes across a newspaper reporter (Gregory Peck) who grants the princess her wish of escaping from “school” for the day in order to have exclusive rights to her story. This movie is a classic black and white, filmed entirely in Roma, Italy. Hepburn is, as usual, amazing and beautiful as princess and Peck is not bad to look at as well. The only downfall is that I wish it was in color just to capture the beautiful scenery of Rome in full. It’s a must see for those needing a bit of nostalgia in their lives especially on a rainy Sunday afternoon in front of a fire place. Highly recommend the movie.

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