Slumdog – The Aftermath

After the Oscars and the sweeping win for Slumdog Millionare, I felt a bit sad because for the last couple of months we had something keeping us going and now it was over. We were rooting for the cast, crew, director and composer to win, we talked about the movie over the water cooler at work, read articles and told two friends, who told two friends to watch the movie and so on. For some strange reason this movie touched all our hearts and we fell in love with Dev Patel and Frida Pinto and even had a soft spot for Anil Kapur (The show host) and of course our hearts even reached out to the children who portrayed the younger Jamal and Latika in the movie. Every magazine and news stand had some article about the journey to the Oscar win, and the cast was flown from city to city for interviews and recognition all over the states and abroad. Even the cast couldn’t come to terms with the fame they received for their little movie. For me it was really touching to see the entire cast on stage when they accepted the final award at the Oscars and what stood out most was the little children wearing tuxedos and beautiful dresses, hairs combed properly, shiney shoes and beautiful smiles on their faces because they could not believe where they were. After all, the little children who portrayed the younger Jamal and Latika, truly came from the slums of India and after all the prominence they received for the win, they had to return back home to the Mumbai slums with their families, living the life we saw vividly portrayed in the movie. All I could do is think about the children and hope that the little bit of happiness they experienced with Slumdog will encourage them to strive for a better future for themselves. Thank You Danny Boyle for a memorable experience with Slumdog Millionaire.

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