Dragonball Evolution- Opens April 10, 2009

Dragonball Evolution, the movie and the video games, due out April 2009, will sure be the new craze among young American moviegoers and video game addicts alike. The story is about a couple of teenager’s quest for the seven mystical wish granting dragon balls, in an effort to prevent Piccolo (evil Namakian warlord) from getting them and taking revenge on their planet.

This movie in my opinion is another version of “The Harry Potter chronicles” but with a more futuristic and modern approach to Harry and his friend’s adventures. From the trailer and various interviews regarding the project, it seems there will certainly be sequels, based on how well Dragonball Evolution does at the box office.

I am actually looking forward to this one, I think it’s going to be an interesting movie to see. I am also interested in finding out your opinion as well regarding the movie, so please feel free to drop a line or two if you plan to or have seen it.

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