Julio DePietro – Introduction at the TFF

Normally, during festival season, I often search the respective websites for out of the norm and interesting stories regarding upcoming movies, new talent and directorial debuts and so forth. One story in particular, which stood out for me on the Tribeca Film Festival site, is about Julio DePietro. The reason his story stood out was for the following catch phrase on the article.

“The guy behind The Good Guy proves that taking a job just to pay off your student loans can sometimes lead you in the right direction.”

As I read further, I was fascinated to learn that DePietro, after graduating Harvard and working 10 years in an investment firm, decided to quit his job, take a 12 week film program at NYU in order to learn to direct the film he wrote himself about the very subject he was so familiar with – Wall Street and it’s players. Now his film is one of those showing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

DePietro’s bio is an inspiring story, in my opinion, for anyone longing for the opportunity or the guts to quit the rat race and follow their true passion instead. I also think he did the right thing by choosing the film The Good Guy as his introduction to the industry. Since the movie is about a subject matter he is very familiar with and is set in the city he loves and resides in, the end result should be nothing but the best.

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