Twighlight Phenomenon

I finally got enough courage the other night to click and order “Twighlight” on pay per view. I was mostly curious to learn what the hype was/is all about and finally with the backing of a few friends we opted to watch it. I must say I was amazed, intrigued and entertained.

The movie is based on the 1st book written by Stephenie Meyers in a series of four books total. The story is about a vampire who falls for a human and does everything in his power to protect and love her without bringing any harm to her.

Although the book is a creative novel, I feel the movie’s script and acting was weak and not up to par. But it doesn’t matter because the story was told as it should be on screen, the fans attended and the actors reached the fame necessary to become the icons and new phenomenon in the life of every young woman and man and adults alike.

As a result of Twighlight’s success, it was announced in 2008 the next book, New Moon will also be made into a movie. Summit Entertainment, originally had Catherine Hardwicke, who directed Twighlight slotted to direct New Moon as well, (but thankfully, in my opinion) came to the decision to change course and look for a new director “due to Hardwicke’s busy schedule.” Chris Weitz has taken her place and the movie is due for release November 20, 2009.

I do feel tho they are rushing production on a movie which is being filmed and released within a 11 months timeline, it may not deliver quality work. I am also curious to see how New Moon will pan out and if it will capture the audience as the first one did.

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