Life In Flight – Tribeca Film Festival

In the film, which debutes at Tribeca, first-time writer / director Tracey Hecht tells the story of a man who’s supposedly living the good life, realizes he isn’t after meeting a another woman.
The movie centers around Will (Patrick Wilson), a successful, thirty-something architect who’s about to merge his smaller firm with the developer he’s collaborating with on a huge project in Brooklyn. He seems like he has the good life: his beautiful, ambitious wife Catherine (Amy Smart) their son Nate (Kevin Rosseljong), a well-kept brownstone, and a housekeeper. But he knows there’s something wrong; Catherine’s more concerned with his merger than with their marriage, and Will rarely gets to bond with Nate. Then, at a friend’s dinner party, he meets a bubbly young designer named Kate (Lynn Collins), and a friendship develops. The friendship goes in directions that neither anticipates, but it helps Will see the light and be himself rather than what someone else wants him to be.
Hecht does a nice job telling the story with a few or minor unexplainable scenes. Rashida Jones of The Office plays Christine’s best friend and fellow privileged housewife; she’s only in a couple of scenes and her presence in the story isn’t really explained at all. In addition, the story of why Kate and her brother have a conflict — and a problem with their mother — isn’t really explored either. And last, Kate’s love of life, which is the focal point of bringing Will around, isn’t explained either. Nonetheless the message is delivered through the strong chemistry between Wilson and Collins and the quest for the true meaning of life and love.
I highly recommend this movie. Scheduled for release May 6, 2009.

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