Home – May 1, 2009

I have trouble accepting that some independent films can only be shown as limited engagements since they do not have the same backing from film studios as big budget movies do, and as a result they often go unnoticed. Here is another example of a must see movie in my opinion that should be shown in more theatres across America and abroad and yet through limited distribution will end up on DVD quickly.

The story is about Inga (Academy award winner Marcia Gay Harden) who wants to buy and restore a house she is drawn to because it reminds her of her childhood home, but her distant husband Hermann (Michael Gaston) doesn’t understand his wife’s vision and pulls further away from her. Soon Inga realizes that many things in her life are coming full circle, her crumbling marriage, her battle with breast cancer and the influential relationship with her 8-year-old daughter, (Eulala Scheel, Ms. Harden’s real life daughter) with whom she shares her hopes, fears and inner-most thoughts.

While searching for optimism during her difficult life journey, she begins writing her life’s story and it is then that she hears the echo of her own mother’s journey and finally experiences the revelation that allows her transformation.

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