Paul Giamanti Project

It’s funny over the years Paul Giamatti has grown on me (don’t ask) and I am proud to report he just signed on to play Barney Panofsky from the novel/turned movie “Barney’s Version” by author Mordecai Richler. The story of a hard-drinking mischievous man who decides to write “the true story of my wasted life,” from his adventures in Paris in 1950, to money earned through a TV company called Totally Unnecessary Productions, to his three different wives.

This movie is right up Giamatti’s alley, if you have seen him in Duplicity and Shoot Em Up just to name a few “rascalish” roles- you would know what I am talking about. He is a talented and versatile actor but in my opinion is at his best when playing a mischievous role, no matter how diverse his portfolio is. This movie will not be too much of a stretch for him but if played right could get him nominated for best actor during the award season. Mock my words.

I am hopeful they can do justice to the book since it contains footnotes from Barney’s son contradicting and correcting his father’s recollection of his great tale. I am also hopeful they will have the son (not yet cast) narrate the story to get the point across. That would be ideal. Anyway, the project is helmed by Richard J. Lewis (CSI director) and the script written by Michael Konyvas. Filming will start August 2009 in Rome, Montreal, and New York.

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