Angelina Jolie as Kay Scarpetta

Finally! the right role for Ms. Angelina Jolie. Let us rejoice. After three to four failed attempts at portraying distraught, homely housewife type roles, Ms Jolie has finally signed on, what would probably be the best thing since Lara Croft. She will portray the fictitious character, Kay Scarpetta from the series of crime novels written by Patricia Cornwell.

Fox has won the rights to all of the 16 novels but plans are that, although visions of franchising the book is the buzz, to start they will incorporate pieces from all the novels for the first thriller. With the approval of Cornwell, the project is underway.

The character is a blond Italian who loves to cook Italian food from scratch, drives a new Mercedes, wears nice and expensive clothes, was scared by the death of her father from leukemia and had a husband, a lover and a fiance.

If you aren’t familiar with Jolie or question her qualifications to play the role, then wonder no more: Before acting she wanted to be a mortician, she is fascinated with death, knives and self mutilation. Although she doesn’t particularly care much about fashion in real life, she will be well dressed for the role no doubt, so that’s covered. She has been emotionally scared by her own father, Jon Voight, so that is helpful. The only area she lacks experience is cooking and again with the proper coaching she will master that as well. Driving a Mercedes or living in a custom made home is also not a problem either. Having to portray someone completely immersed in her work is right up her alley as well.

Actually all sarcasm aside, I am really happy for her to take on this role, it will be worth her while for sure and I actually hate to admit it, I am looking forward to seeing the movies once they are release.

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