DeNiro and Norton – "Stone" replay

It’s been announced that Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton have signed on to star in a indie psychological thriller “Stone” which will be directed by John Curran.

Story centers on a correctional officer (De Niro) who is seduced by the wife of a convicted arsonist (Norton) up for parole…

Now, although it is very admirable to see DeNiro and Norton support the Indie films industry, It is going to be really difficult to envision the stars yet again playing the same old same old. Norton has been there, been there and been there and DeNiro has done that, done that and done that and therefore there is nothing more to give.

Also, although I am partial to indie films and want to support new production companies such as Mimran Schur Pictures and their first project “Stone” (the company was formed earlier this year by private investor David Mimran and longtime music biz executive Jordan Schur), I want to say that sometimes its not who you attach to a film that makes it work, it is how create or original the story is.

Hopefully I am not jumping the gun, let’s just see how Angus Maclachlan penned the screenplay, the last screenplay from her was Junebug 2005. I’m just saying…

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