Robert Pattinson – Yes I Must

Apparently young Robert Pattinson has become a star overnight, thanks to Twighlight. I admit Twighlight was my first sighting of this young lad, and although I really liked the movie, what stuck to mind was Pattinson’s performance (actually his character). I realized then that as a result of “Edward” he was going to become more than a household name. He was going to become an obsession.

Fast forward to currently, Pattinson has been keeping a very busy schedule filming the “sequels” to Twilight and in the midst of the sequels, he managed to partake in the movie Little Ashes as Salvador Dali and once again, in my opinion, does an even more amazing job.

As a result of Pattinson’s demand from the masses and hopefully a little bit because of his talent, he has had multiple offers thrown in his direction to choose from. He has committed to two so far and the others are in negotiations.

Unbound Captives and Bel Ami are both “in production”, which means the wheels are in motion to getting the projects rolling. The ones in negotiation are: Dunes – a sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert, The Secret Life of Houdini and the best but not the least the remake of The Great Gatsby (in my opinion he looks much too young onscreen to play the role of a debonair, well established somewhat seasoned millionaire).

If you haven’t seen Twilight, be sure to rent the DVD to get familiar with this newcomer. Also be sure to put Little Ashes on your list of DVDs to rent as well in the upcoming months.

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