He’s Just Not That Into You – Part 2

The news from Hollywood isn’t getting prettier but it is moving in the direction of cashing in on sequels more so than anything. I suppose it is better to stay on track with what works then take risks of the unknown which may lead to financial ruin. As a result, we just got word that the production company (New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers) behind “He’s Just Not That Into” have decided to push for what they refer to as a sequel with a new twist.

This time the story will be about “would-be romantics working their way through a tangle of circumstances in Los Angeles.” The buzz is they are trying to get the likes of Julie Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Shirley McLaine to sign on, but it hasn’t been confirmed either way.

Actually, all kidding aside, I enjoyed “He’s Just Not That Into You and would probably RENT the unnamed sequel as well, when it is released within a month after opening week.

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