Night At The Museum – Battle Of The Smithsonian

I watched the movie Night At The Museum – Battle of The Smithsonian over the weekend because I had seen the first one and decided it was important to see part 2. I must admit I liked this one better than the first for several reasons.

First of all, the historical characters seemed more fun and easier to relate to for the historically challenged movie goers. Second, unlike part 1, the storyline seemed alot more focused and the plot streamlined with minimal chaos and confusion. And third and the best part of the movie was incorporating renown paintings, photographs and statues in both black and white and color throughout the movie, making the special effects pretty amazing, entertaining and wonderfully creative.

I do believe there were three “subliminal messages” also cleverly incorporated into the movie. “This is the United States of Don’t touch” “We are Americans, we don’t think, we just do” and the last “a house divided against itself cannot stand” those who understood them chuckled.

In addition to the above observations on my part, I must admit that Hank Azaria and Amy Adams stole the show, Stiller was a little flat and seemed a bit out of place this time around, and last Owen Wilson’s role didn’t get enough action in round 2.

The funniest scene was the Roman soldier (Octavius) racing through the grass to come to Wilson’s (Jedidiah) rescue, where when they focus on him running, you would hear an inspiring war music in the background and then when they pan out to the entire scene it would be completely silent and you could hear the crickets in the background, hilarious in my opinion.

Two other memorably funny scenes were Amerlia (Adams) kissing and slapping Larry (Stiller). And the movie 300 -like war scene with Jedidiah and Octavius.

Favorite line: “We are full up on axis of evils today” Hank Azaria

Finally: We get to find out why the museum pieces come to life at night

Anyway, the movie was entertaining, fun to watch, and a good escape. I can’t say a MUST see but it would be OK to see. Suggestion: You should see part 1 in order to understand part 2.

***A bit of trivia: I think the Jonas Brothers were the three chirps fluttering and singing love songs throughout the movie***

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