Easy Virtue – Movie Review

Couple of weeks back, I had installed a video of what I thought to be the best part of the movie Easy Virtue but after actually having the opportunity to see it in full, I must admit the tango scene, although an important and crucial part of the movie only sums up what is probably the best period movie I have seen in a long long time.

The cast which consists of Jessica Biel, of whom I have become a fan of after watching her in Easy Virtue, Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas as well as Ben Barnes, carryout their roles in the utmost precision and clarity. From the start you identify with the characters and understand immediately where there are coming from and how their relations impact their lives.

Period movies are always fascinating because part of the charm is getting the costumes and set design right as well and of course in Easy Virtue that was accomplished no doubt, but what kept the pace of the movie and the viewer almost on the edge of their seats was the wonderful soundtrack attached to it.

I am aware that from the American perspective blockbusters are the in thing right now, but once in a while it would not hurt to see a movie with substance, a quality script and class act.

This movie is a must see in my opinion.

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