Julie & Julia – Meryl Streep – 8/7/09

For those who know me, I am almost certain that this review shouldn’t come as a surprise, but for those who don’t I can give you several reasons why I have opted to include the movie Julie & Julia in my blog: I think I have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of Meryl Streep and have often wished she would just take me under her wings and teach me the secret to her success at any age.

Of course in addition to Streep, Stanley Tucci is another reason for me to rave about this movie and the best part of it all is that they are reunited once more for Julie & Julia, after giving a wonderful performance together in The Devil Wears Prada.

Third, the screenplay is a fresh and very creative one no doubt, It is a compilation of two stories: My Life in France, Julia Child’s autobiography and a blog written by Julie Powel in 2002 about experimenting with recipes written by Julia Child while blogging about her experiences. With both stories, Nora Ephron (director) shows us that although these two women were separated by time and space, they shared the same frustration about self discovery and a rewarding career. The movie beautifully details their struggles and triumphs as both women climb their way to their road to success.

Here is an added bonus, although Streep shines as Julia Childs, Amy Adams does a pretty impressive job of portraying a modern day woman in America, juggling career and family while making every efforts to not lose herself as most women tend to do.

The movie opens August 7th and is a must see in my opinion.

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