A Woman In Berlin – 7/17/09

An anonymous female reporter (Nina Hoss) living in Berlin in the spring of 1945, during WWII, is hiding from the possibilities of being raped or brutalized by the Russian troops who are angry and frustrated from fighting the war.

The story, directed by Max Farberbock, follows the life of a true reporter experiencing such horrifying realities during the war. What ends up saving her is her ability to speak Russian and her determination to convince a high ranking Soviet officer to protect her by agreeing to become his lover.

Through the course of their affair the Major (Yevgeni Sidikin) questions his purpose and duties in Berlin and begins to have mixed feelings about his work. As a result of his confusion, often times Nina finds herself reassuring the Major to continue their torrid affair and reflect upon the importance of remaining enemies until the bitter end.

**The movie is based on the published diaries of Nina Hoss, a journalist and a photographer who remained an anonymous author as a result of the subject matter, which remained a taboo in that part of the world until 1953. Her book became an international literary phenomenon only after a new edition was released in 2003.

The movie is limited engagement – check your local listings.

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