Cold Souls – Paul Giamatti

How far and extreme would you go “soul searching” you ask? Well for Paul Giamatti it seems all the way. This story is about Paul Giamatti himself, who feeling as if his soul is weighing him down, opts to have his soul surgically/technically removed from his body, with the guarantee that he would feel so much better about himself.

After going through the extraction of his soul, he comes to the realization that his life no longer had meaning or “sense”. So he returns to the high-tech company that extracted his soul and asks for it back but only to discover that he was a victim of “soul trafficking.” As a result of his findings, Giamatti decides to take matters into his own hands by travelling to ends of the earth in order to find his soul.

This movie is a dark comedy with an underlying message no doubt, and if I must point out, Cold Souls is a true soul searching experience. As always Giamatti gives an amazing performance and is rightfully cast. The movie opens limited engagement in Los Angeles and New York on August 7, 2009.

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