World’s Greatest Dad – 8/21/09

I guess every actor goes through a dry spell and sure enough the very talented Robin Williams is no exception to that rule, until now of course. Williams stars in a movie titled World’s Greatest Dad which opens 8/21/09 about a single father, coping with life and raising a son while juggling a career and a potential relationship with a woman.

We can surely use a great laugh or two about parenting these days and what better way then to watch Williams portrayal of the single father, dark comedy or not. In addition to Williams classic performance, the movie offers the most cocky and edgy lingo between the characters which in my opinion are as close to reality as possible in today’s world, especially between parents and children.

It’s a coming of age movie, a journey of one’s self analysis, it has some tears and most of all alot of laughs. I am happy to see Williams in this role and would highly recommend this movie to most parents with adolescent kids. Be aware the movie contains R rated language.

Do I hear award buzz for Williams?

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