Jon Hamm – In Review.

I am addicted to Mad Men of course, and why not, but my addiction started from Episode 1 season 1 and after watching that episode I called all my friends to pass the news about the most amazing show picked up by AMC and of course about the up and coming actor named Jon Hamm (a.k.a Don Draper). Fast forward to now, of course Mad Men has become a household name and as a result Jon Hamm’s time has come to climb that stairway to (heaven) I mean the big screen.

Apparently Hamm, with his polished good looks and debonair persona on screen, has signed on alongside Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall to star in a movie called The Town. This movie is an Affleck production, he co-wrote it, and will direct and star in it. It’s a film adaptation of Chuck Hogan’s Prince of Thieves and it focuses on the romance between a bank manager and a career criminal who leads her into falling for him only to discover he had robbed her. Jon Hamm will play the FBI agent assigned to bring the thief and his gang to justice.

The movie is a crime thriller and is set for filming in September in Boston, after Hamm finishes shooting the Mad Men episodes. This will not be the last we hear about Jon Hamm’s projects. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

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