Mesrine – Vincent Cassel – 8/7/09

For those of you not familiar with Vincent Cassel, he was in Ocean’s 12 and part of 13 with those famous Yankee actors. But I am glad to report that finally this talented Frenchman has been cast in an amazing movie titled Mesrine. Again, for those of you not familiar with Mesrine, he was a famous French gangster during the 60- 70s and was considered Public Enemy 1.

Now, if you have seen Scarface and Goodfellas and Godfather and loved or liked them, you will surely appreciate this movie. Cassel’s performance has been compared to that of Robert DeNiro and based on what I have seen so far, I can understand the comparison, but in my opinion Cassel carries his own weight and needs no comparison. An added bonus to the movie is Gerard Depardieu, who does an amazing job of challenging Cassel’s character.

Although the movie is in French with English subtitles, the trailer is not available to upload at this time, so I uploaded the French one instead just so you can get the just of what is going on for those of you who can’t speak the language.

Movie opens on 8/7/09 and once again I have found mixed details as to where it will open first, but I am sure if you check your local listing, it may be available in your town.

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