Funny People – Post Viewing

Ok, I was thinking perhaps I wouldn’t write any more about the movie since I had already reviewed it a couple of weeks back and I am glad to say I wasn’t wrong about my prediction. But I just cannot resist writing about what joy this movie brought to me while I watched it over the weekend.

Here is the thing, we have had some funny movies come out this year, some sappy ones, some very predictable box office hits and for a second there I was getting bored just writing things down, because in part, I was disappointed about the quality of the movies the industry has been churning out lately.

And then, finally to my surprise there was FUNNY PEOPLE. I was actually very anxious for this movie to come out, one because of Adam Sandler and two because his movie prior to this one (Bedtime Stories) didn’t do so well so I was looking forward to a strong comeback for him. Don’t ask.

The most important fact about this movie is the chemistry between the actors and how well they were able to relate to one another and create such a natural dialogue. It’s not that the movie was super funny, it actually wasn’t but whatever they did worked so well that I actually was sad when it was over.

One person who stood out for me was Leslie Mann. It’s strange how I have seen her standard performance in previous movies, but in Funny People she hit it out of the ball park. She is what ties the entire story together and kudos to her.

Sandler was amazing and more natural than I have ever seen him before . I couldn’t figure out if it was because he was taking a new approach to his career, playing serious roles or the fact the movie was so close to home, perhaps we were getting a glimpse of Sandler himself.

The only thing I am beginning to wonder about is Seth Rogan’s performance. Although I am a fan and think he is funny, I feel he is pretty stuck in playing the naive, spacey boy that everyone makes fun of and takes advantage of. It is getting old and I would like to see him move away from being typecast and show us something that would rank him as a truly gifted actor. I know he has it in him but I feel he hasn’ treached the comfort level to explore it.

Nonetheless, the story works, the actors are amazing, the punch lines were very timely and the funny was not so funny, but that is what the movie is all about. Go see it.

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