The Boys Are Back – Clive Owens

I think I just fell in love with Clive Owens all over again. What can I say, this talented actor has done it again, but I think this is going to be his very best as it is the most challenging role yet in my opinion (suppose I should state after his introduction to the states).

Owens, who is a very versatile actor but is often type-cast in dark and gloomy roles has reached a plateau that will no doubt pull at our heartstrings once this movie hits the theatres. The Boys Are Back comes to us from Miramax Films and has won the London Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival seals of approval and is the story about a man who abandoned his son from a previous marriage to be with the woman he loved. Soon after marrying the woman and having a son with her, she dies and he is faced with raising his young son on his own. Through his struggles he comes to terms with his mistake of abandoning his first son and decides to reunite with him and raise his boys together, alone.

Need I say more, Owens you will be nominated for leading actor (or equivalent of in the UK) and most certainly should win an award for this film. The movie is scheduled for release September 25, 2009. Ladies mark your calendars.

One reply to “The Boys Are Back – Clive Owens

  1. Ok, calm down he's just an actor. So yeah, I think he's probably one of the better actors left in hollywood (he kinda wins by default… not much to pick from) The story may be a little "cheesy" for him but will see how it goes. Personally, I think this movie will be a sleeper.

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