Gran Torino – Mixed Emotions

Just recently I saw Gran Torino on DVD and I must say, I knew why I passed up on this one for the longest time. It’s one of those things where you wait and wait until there is nothing else to watch and then rent it just because you admire Clint Eastwood and feel the need to support his projects.

I opted to down a bottle of wine while watching this movie thinking wine might be paired up well with Gran Torino or maybe even make the viewing smoother but it didn’t help. Don’t get me wrong the story is interesting enough and paced well but for some reason I couldn’t get past Dirty Harry and had trouble watching the movie for what it’s worth.

The story was also very predictable and was loaded with racial slurs, which I suppose make it close to reality as possible. What I also couldn’t come to terms with is that most of the time when a person is bitter in life, they tend to stay that way until the very end, the fact Eastwood’s role Walt Kowalski was able to live a bitter life from the Vietnam war onward and was able to break down while getting to know his Vietnamese neighbors was touching but not too realistic in my opinion.

But on the other hand, kodus to Eastwood for rising up to the challenge of directing, producing and starring in the film, it was most admirable. Other tid bid information is that his younger son Scott Eastwood stars in the movie as well as Trey and his older son Kyle Eastwood provided the score for the movie. The movie received many recognition and with a budget of 33Million was able to gross 269M, which is pretty good overall.

Anyway, overall it was good that I saw Gran Torino and if you happen to surfing netflix for a movie to rent and have run out of them, click on Gran Torino.

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