Mill Valley Film Festival –

Since I can’t wait for this event I decided to take a ride up north to San Rafael and Mill Valley just so I could scope out the location the film festival will be held. I had never been to that part of the bay area, so mapquest on hand, I drove up north about 20 minutes from San Francisco and with a little struggle found the locations, scoped out the place and began having fantasies of attending the event. It was well over into the 90’s yesterday, hot, dry but I didn’t care. With a bottle of water and a popsicle, I began checking out the signage they had detailing the events and stickers indicating the ones that were sold out. Of course to no one’s surprise the events with Clive Owen and Uma Thurman and various director events were sold out on the first hour the phone lines opened to purchase the tickets.

The disappointing thing is that, since Mill Valley and San Rafael theatres are small compared to other parts of the world which house film festivals, it was a matter of hours that the popular events were sold out. Another observation is that by the time sales lines were open to the general public to purchase tickets to the events, they were unable to as a result of member advance purchase privileges.

Nonetheless, I mapped out what movies and events I plan to see and now I am trying to figure out if it is worth the effort to stand in long lines for hours on end in hopes that I could get tickets through RUSH sales at the door.

Note to self: Bring lots of cash as RUSH sales are cash only and be prepared to be disappointed should there not be any tickets available to your list of movies and events to see.

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