Peter and Vandy – My Pick 10/09/09

On the other side of a funny approach to couple’s problems is a dark movie called “Peter and Vandy”. The movie which is set in Manhattan details the story of how a relationship that blooms between a man and a woman from attraction and love, can also quickly turn bitter and end.

The interesting aspect of this particular film is that, it shifts back and forth between the good and the bad times of a couple’s relationship and from that perspective we are able to understand the cause and affect behind Peter (Jason Ritter) and Vandy’s (Jess Weixler) twisted and complicated relationship based on love and hate, timing and back to only love, the need to be together and the desire to experiment without eachother.

Director Jay DiPietro does an outstanding job tackling the course a relationship takes, and as a result of his vision he is is able to capture the story so clearly and eloquently on film. The movie is a Sundance Film Festival pick and in my opinion a must see as well. Please check your local listings as this film is set for limited engagement and release.

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