Mill Valley Film Festival 2009 – 5@5

Here is a concept I love, it’s referred to as 5@5 at the Mill Valley Film Festival, which mean that there are 5 short films grouped together based on their category and shown to the audience at 5p.m. on various days of the festival. The categories are as follows in order of my recommendation:

America Is Not The World: These international short stories explore the topics of immigration, displacement, violence and revolution and also questions our place in the world and the meaning of “home”

Sister I’m A Poet: These short films engage the viewers in the different forms of communication, whether in person, in writing or online and from it what we seem to understand or misunderstand.

The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get: Films revolving around family and the impact of generation gaps.

The Edges Are No Longer Parallel: For the filmmaker at heart and the passion of documentary filming, this category exposes the difficulties of documentary film making and the final outcome.

Oscillate Wildly: between adventure, whimsy and bizarre films in 2D, 3D or stop motion.

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