Mill Valley Film Festival – New Movies Lab

Now here is an event I wish I could have participated in as a young girl. It’s a seminar for young filmmakers to sort of introduce them to the ins and outs of filmmaking and thereafter, technology and it’s impact on the industry and women in the forefront of filmmaking. There will be 5 women, I believe referred to as Girl Geeks from various aspects of the industry participating and co-paneling the event. The event is slotted for October 11, 2009 at 1p.m. at the Christopher B. Rafael Film Center. Tickets are $15.00

The Girl Geek Members are:
Stephanie Argy, co-director/co-writer,
The Red Machine; science and technology writer, American Cinematographer, Variety, Hollywood Reporter.

Nina Dobner, Cinematics Producer, Electronic Arts LA, Command and Conquer, Red Alert.

Sherry Hitch, Digital Artist, Industrial Light + Magic

Mia Quagliarello, Community and Editorial Manager, You Tube

Tiffany Shlain (Moderator), filmmaker, artist; founder,
The Webby Awards; co-founder, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences

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