Surrogates – Movie Review

Sometimes we need to watch movies outside of our comfort zone in order to perhaps get a big jolt of a reality check? But often times when we do those things, we are even more disappointed with the discoveries and walk away feeling a deep sense of anxiety and frustration. The movie Surrogate did just that for me.
I began watching the movie with an open mind but as it progressed, all I could think about is when is it going to end. Here is my overview on the entire thing, the advertisement was bigger than the delivery of the product. The movie was disturbing yet a tiny bit entertaining. It was too vague but to the point in an unexplainable kind of way. It had a basic and generic message which was suppose to impact the audience but I don’t think it did.

So I guess my question is, why was this movie made? Did it charge up all the Sci-fi geeks out there or was it a complete disappointment? Ironically I chose not to read other reviews regarding this movie because I wanted to form my own opinion after viewing since I was on the fence about this one.

I must say however, director Jonathan Mostow did a fair job conjuring up the movie, and it seems writers Michael Ferris and John Brancato could have been on the right track with the screenplay but for some reason, the movie just did not do the job in my opinion. I guess I was hoping for more action and some form of acting perhaps, but all I got was a tired Bruce Willis and a slow paced story about nothing that we as humans don’t already know but refuse to accept. So what was the point? I really want to know?

Anyway, I can’t say don’t see it or see it, all I can say is if you can wait for a better one, I am sure it’s in the works somewhere and somehow.

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