The Young Victoria – Mill Valley Film Festival

The Young Victoria was on my list of films to see at the Mill Valley Film Festival and again I was lucky enough to purchase a ticket to attend the showing on the Festival closing Sunday, October 18th.

I am pleased to say I was not disappointed, nor bored and I walked out of the theatre feeling entertained no matter how typical or carbon copied the story was.

The film directed by Jean-Marc Vallee and produced by (here is the surprise) Martin Scorsese and Sarah Ferguson is the story about young Victoria’s succession to the thrown. The movie could be compared to Elizabeth part 1 and 2 films but I think this one has a more charming feel to it. It is not as rough around the edges as Elizabeth’s films. Emily Blunt does a wonderful job of portraying the young Victoria and her challenges of self expression. Victoria’s story reminded me of Roman Holidays with Audrey Hepburn minus the princess running away from home.

The chemistry and love story between Victoria and Albert is what made it beautiful and tolerable for me, and although the basis of the story was a constant battle for the rights to the thrown from the extended royal families throughout Europe, director Vallee never lost his focus on making the movie more of a love story then anything else. It is a refreshing approach on his part and will most certainly be less confusing for those historically challenged young movie goers.

Bottom line, the movie opens December 18th, a perfect movie for the holidays. Ladies go see it with your girlfriends, most men will not care for this movie. It’s a love story and not too interesting for them.

Only question: Why is the movie titled THE Young Victoria and not just Young Victoria. I think the later sounds better.

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