Up In The Air – The Buzz Is Good

I am hearing and reading great buzz about the movie Up In The Air, starring George Clooney. Perhaps, maybe I was prematurely pessimistic about it.

A while back when I first heard about the movie, I had compared Up In The Air to a similar movie Renee Zellweger made, called New In Town, which was out December 2008. Although the just of the movies are similar, the first didn’t do so well so I figured why another one.

But lucky for Clooney, second time for this sort of movie is a charm and hence the perfect product. I actually now am anxious to see it, based on the trailer it does look promising, very mature with an ultra-classic storyline and certainly geared toward a very specific target audience. So being one of the target audience myself, I am happy to report that I will be the first in line to see the movie when it opens nationwide and report back to you post viewing. So stay tuned.

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