The Road

The movie The Road opened different release dates around the nation to rave reviews. For a while now I have researched this film and have already predicted Vigo Mortenson’s performance in the movie worth a Best Actor nomination at the very least or at the very most.

The movie is based on the aftermath of the Apocalypse and one man’s struggle to save his son. The movie is Directed by John Hillcoat and is based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy and was on Oprah’s list of books to read.

I guess we have entered a new era in film making, which will add to our stress and feed into our fears or distract us of our economic wows. Nonetheless or either way, it is a good movie and if you are able to handle 2012, this will almost feel like a sequel or the story of the aftermath.

All joking aside, Mortenson deserves an honorable mention for his work. Timing is everything in my opinion when releasing a movie of this calibar during the holiday season, it may not be the best idea.

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