Sherlock Holmes – Post Viewing

“How terrible is wisdom when it brings new profit to the wise” stated by Lord Coward (Hans Matheson) when he is in the midst of explaining to Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) what Blackwood and their cause stood for mankind and England.

This statement set the tone for perhaps the first of maybe a handful of Sherlock Holmes movies yet to come. It was a smart move on Guy Ritchie’s part to create a wonderful story line based on power and greed in England at the turn of the 20th century in order to remain or maintain worldwide control. In addition to the plot, Blackwood’s character (Mark Strong), was a clever representation of an evil madman’s quest to become the world leader by tapping into people’s fears at a high point of the industrial evolution. The added bonus was Sherlock Holmes embracing the challenge to put an end to it all.

What kept this movie alive and interesting, even tho it did not have the extra ordinary special effects most blockbuster movies poses these days, was Robert Downey Jr’s ability to bring about a new found appreciation for Sherlock Holmes, and his untapped suave and James Bond-like sex appeal and talent. This experience in itself was rewarding and fun to watch.

Jude Law as Dr. Watson teamed up well with Sherlock Holmes but Rachel McAdams was out of her realm on this one. The movie was funny, creative and entertaining nonetheless.

All of it worked well. Sherlock Holmes is a great come back for Ritchie. I think most of you will agree, we haven’t seen anything worthwhile from him since Snatch. It’s nice to see him past the Madonna curse and onto a brighter and more creative future.

I say the movie is a must, put it on your list of movies to see in 2010.

3 replies to “Sherlock Holmes – Post Viewing

  1. Huh. I kinda hated it. Questions for Guy: Why would a person go through the effort of disguising himself from an armed man with billows of smoke only to reveal himself moments later at point-blank range? Why would anyone attempt escape over an unfinished bridge? It was details like this that ruined it for me. I found it insulting.

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