Nine – Struggling Movie

It’s funny when I read news about how bad certain movies are doing at the box office about a week after they open, I try to analyse the situation to determine what could be the cause of it’s slow demise.

Nine is yet another movie that is reported to have only made about 9M since opening Christmas week and there is concern as to how it will do overall and how quickly it will disappear from the theatres. Here’s the deal with a movie such as Nine.
I always say timing is the most crucial factor for insignificant movies to create the right buzz and interest for the moviegoers and since Nine opened in the midst of Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, It’s Complicated, Up In The Air, The Princess and The Frog and even the Chipmunks, it is a victim of bad timing.

However, I think it’s unfair to assume Nine is not worthy of it’s hype, as it is a fascinating film/musical, so I am hopeful if given a bit more time for the novelty to wear off with the blockbusters and such, it may have the opportunity to bounce back and rank accordingly at the movies.

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